If you have purchased a pre-order bundle, you should receive an email just before the event containing your unique code.

Please go to live.awol.io and find your event home page, click on the 'photos' tab and search for the name/ race number that you wish to redeem the code for. Your bundle code should already be linked to your AWOL account, so once on the correct participant photo page, you can redeem your code by clicking on the 'redeem code' tab on the far right of the screen. (If you haven't already signed in, you will be prompted to do so now to be able to redeem your code.)

Once you have redeemed your code, you can click on your 'account' and then 'orders' to be able to access and download your images. 

Redeeming multiple codes

If you have bought multiple bundle codes, just repeat the above process by locating the name/race number of the other participant that you wish to redeem a further code for, making sure that a different code is being redeemed.