If you have searched for your photos from the event you took part in and the photo page does not have any images of you, don't worry, you can upload a selfie so that our system can find your photos!

Below is an example of a photo page with no tagged photos. 

All you need to do to locate your images is click on the 'find more' tab, then click on the camera icon, take or upload an image where your face is clearly visible and you are the only person in the picture.

Once you have uploaded the image, the circle will appear with different images of your face. Select the best images (front and side facing if possible). Once complete this will bring up your photos from the event, please check the images are correct and then click on the right arrow, found in the bottom right of the page, to review and approve the now tagged images. 

Your images will appear on your photo page. (Please make sure you refresh your photo page and allow for the photos to sync to your photo page - approximately 5 mins. )