There are a number of options open to anyone wishing to buy their own, or other participants event photos. 

To buy images or products, go to the participant's photo bundle page (If you need help with how to do this, please read the help section here). You will be able to see a few options under each photograph. On the photo that you wish to buy, please click the ‘order this photo’ tab, which will bring up a new basket box: (below) 

You can then select the desired product and quantity. If you then click on the tab at the bottom ‘Add to basket’, this will take you through to the summary and payment box, where you can input your card details. 

Pro tip: We suggest that before you buy any image from our website, you view the photo with the ‘enlarge’ tab to make sure the photograph is to your liking. 

If you would like to buy a photo bundle (where you can buy all of the participant's photos as digital downloads) and do not know how to do so, please read the help section here.

If you have pre-ordered a photo bundle and need help to access it, please read the help section here.

If you need any further assistance please raise a support ticket.