OK, let's get you sorted.

First basic questions to ask:

  1. Are you typing your correct name or race number?
  2. Do you appear in the official race results? (if you don't we won't be able to tag you)

Missing Images?

If you think you're missing images, it's possible they haven't been found by the tagger for whatever reason (race number missing or obscured, your hand / watch / an other runner in the way, for instance) but that doesn't mean we don't have your photo somewhere - check Search By Chip Time within the event in question to find additional photos, which you can tag yourself in! Once you have, they'll be grey in colour (unofficial tag). Our Support Team will receive and check these notifications periodically, before converting it into green (official tag) at which point you'll get a notification and will be able to see the image in your photo bundle page.

Q: "I've found myself in another image, can I add it to my tags or bundle?"

A: If you've found a photo of you, simply tag your name / race number in the box below the photo. Our Support Team will need to review public tags before the photo will appear in your bundle.

Q: "I've been tagged in an image, but it isn't me!"

A: This sometimes happens! No problems, please click the "Report a Tagging Issue" button directly below the photo and we'll review and remove it.

If you have any further questions, just raise a support ticket.

Many thanks

The AWOL Team